Those shits at Luxottica basically make warranty useless in Canada. When I could get through or get replies I talked to about a dozen people, all of which just referred me elsewhere and it all became a web of redundant shit. I called RayBan warranty in the US and begged them to help me, and though they were very nice,… » 4/24/15 3:14pm Today 3:14pm

Chevy pissing on a Ford logo, yes. This sort of thing would be found on a middle aged male’s Subaru WRX, he will have spiked hair with bleached tips, and an ID badge hanging from a lanyard around his neck for some IT company. He will be chubby with a polo shirt one size too small and be thinking he has finally made… » 4/24/15 11:50am Today 11:50am

Got rear-ended then run over tonight

Driving home from work. A car a ways behind me was passing people on sidewalks and the shoulder. Sitting stopped at a round-a-bout. This same car was now behind me and nudged my trailer hitch pretty good, it had been stopped behind me but I guess waiting wasnt on the agenda. I got out, as i was walking along side my… » 4/21/15 11:51pm Tuesday 11:51pm