Interior is what killed the F150 for me when I was shopping for a lightly used, low mileage, luxo-truck. Went 2012 5.3 Silverado LTZ and have been more than happy (get's the same to better mileage as a friend's 2011 Ecoboost on road trips, granted city MPG not as good)
With the new F150, I'm not much a fan of the… » 3/03/15 4:40pm Tuesday 4:40pm

Are Wagner cermaics any good (better than OEM=any good lol)? Would be for my 5300lb 2012 LTZ which is discs on all 4 corners and occasionally hauls 1000-1500lbs in the bed and/or an 18ft alum boat. If they are worth buying I'll keep them until my OEM pads need to be swapped. » 3/03/15 3:55pm Tuesday 3:55pm

Magna is a pretty big deal, weren't they a front runner for buying Chrysler? If they figure out a way to sell it (and not have the same dealer problems Tesla is always fighting with) or a brand to slap a badge on it, they would likely put it into production. » 3/02/15 10:01pm Monday 10:01pm

What can't it do compared to a Windows unit? Programs like AutoCAD or Photoshop aren't compatible right? What about something simple like VLC?
Every time one goes on sale on Amazon I consider buying one but have yet to pull the trigger. » 3/01/15 5:55pm Sunday 5:55pm

I'm a Jr. supervisor and field Eng. for a excavation-land development company, one of my sites the crew was digging near a critical gas main last week, pretty major line that runs across Ontario, needles to say Union Gas (gas company) had a few warnings to reiterate to everyone on site. In a perfect world they… » 2/24/15 9:58pm 2/24/15 9:58pm