I should be more clear. Detroit has all the new debuts, so the F150, this Stinger GT, Canyon.. the Toronto show *may* not get all these. The F150 and Canyon yes, but possible not these concept debut cars (Stinger, FT-1). Everything else, so the boring cars, TO has.
But where the Detroit show fell short was the…


My first car was a 2006 CTS 3.6L V6
-Volant CAI
-CTS-V exhaust
-R1 Concept premium rotors with PosiQuiet Ceramics
-Eibach Springs
-CTS Sport Performance 'arrow' OEM spoiler
-ADDCO Sway bars
-5000k HIDs
-All incandescent bulbs inside and out replaced with white LEDs
-LED fog lights
-Clear fog light/front indicator lenses